Soft launch

For those reading this right now, I have a Windows compatible version of the extractor in source form at – currently this has only been tested with Windows 64 bit, but the plan is to make this scriptable for all platforms. Not particularly runnable, but at least people can see it.

It’s worth looking at the github, there’s a sample of the formats I currently don’t know anything about – the RLEP and the off3 formats. Ones clearly animation, one’s a generic object format.

Soft launch

2 thoughts on “Soft launch

  1. Two years later is a good a time as any to leave a comment, yeah?

    Great work on this project. I stumbled across this by accident while trying to extract and read game files for another late 90s game, Acrophobia. Your extractor works perfectly with that game’s SRF files, and sure enough it looks like YDKJ and Acrophobia came from the same studio, or at least ran on the same engine. The only tricky part – and the part I was hoping to get access to – is the music and sound effects.

    I feel like I’m so close here – would you happen to have some time to check out a few srf files with me and see if the audio inside is something familiar?


    1. Sure thing, if you don’t fancy posting a link to file space, let me know and I’ll arrange something – for many reasons I don’t include a public email address here.

      The site’s been on pause basically because what I wanted to do has been specifically blocked by Jackbox – creating a new engine for cross platform running of their titles. I respect that, but I’m still trying to find a way of making these more playable on modern systems that doesn’t require bundling the game data.


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