A guide to annoying the YDKJ hosts (or, the Secret Gibberish Response explained)

Everyone knows about the SGR (indeed I’ve made a post on this already), but you may be intrigued as to how the game processes this. The below refers to anything based on the original YDKJ engine or derivative (so anything apart from the Ride, 5th Dementia and the titles post The Lost Gold in the US, or any of the first editions of the overseas releases, and the German volume 2)

For any other text comparison, this is done based on the content of the relevant SRF (for spell checking or alternative choices), but the SGR is actually hardcoded into the EXE near the gibberish routine (search for Gibber.srf in the exe for the original version, or the .jbg file in the rerelease).

In the US versions, don’t expect to see this in plain text, for obvious reasons it’s all encrypted, although you will see the list of names that the host can change yours to nearby.

Before the ‘This question has too many spelling variations’ text is a string something like “P_MU*cY_” (for YDKJV3).

The encryption for the SGR is a 10 position Caesar cipher (or shift cipher if you will), with every character shifted back 10 places, and a ‘*’ representing a space.

Use this as the string for conversion, and you should be fine:


Without openly swearing here, you should see that P becomes F, _ becomes U and so on.

This has finally enabled me to work out the SGR for the UK version – it’s F**k Off, rather than the usual.

For the Ride/Abwarts, there are so many, and they’re in plain text, so a simple search wll make them obvious.

In the ride, this is just a pure string comparison

A guide to annoying the YDKJ hosts (or, the Secret Gibberish Response explained)

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